The 1865, Southampton 11.9.19

I took the train….to Southampton on Wednesday night to see Kirk Brandon in Spear of Destiny mode.

The 1865 is just over a mile from the central station, down the bottom of town in a well signposted but unlikely looking street when you get to it. Wetherspoons’ Standing Order is a handy nearby pre-gig watering hole.

From the outside the 1865 looks like some sort of industrial unit – it can’t be here can it? Inside it’s warm carpet and black curtains – felt a bit like being in a 70s Double Diamond advert. I like it. Only been once before .

The 1865, Southampton
Support band Feather Trade – view from the raised bar area

I like the location of the bar here, up stairs away at the back of the venue. You can stand up there and survey the place, including the merch stand have chat and it not be in the way or disruptive for the stage. Perfect to see a support band from. The stage entry is odd, with the bands coming on through the crowd and up a few steps at the front. Crowd parting to let bands off.

The club holds around 700 and it ends up half full tonight. With frontman Kirk, in Spear of Destiny are Craig Adams on bass (The Mission/Sisters of Mercy), Adrian Portas on guitar (New Model Army/Sex Gang Children) Phil Martini on drums and keyboardist and sax players also. (I have to look these things up – I recognise people from different bands but would rarely get names.) Full on ‘Spear’ sound. Adrian Portas was stand out brilliant on guitar.


One Eyed Jacks is the best SoD album for me and most so it was great to have the whole album played on this 35th anniversary tour. There is a re-recorded version on sale and available on the merch stand. It’s one of the vinyl albums I played repeatedly when it came out. Lots of rousing choruses.

On the merch stand there were two SoD CD boxed sets that looked good if CD is an option wanted. One of first three albums and one of another four. £20 each.

After the One Eyed Jacks airing some other classics with my favourite being ‘Grapes and Wrath’ off the first album but the whole set was really good – good sound.

Adrian Portas on guitar – brilliant guitar

This was a mid-week gig. Not wild. A room of largely men in our 50s feeling nostalgic and occasionally punching the air. I’d happily go again tonight.

I went along to this one with mate Chris (CMe) from Coventry days and Andy (AMu). I think we were doing a good punk rock version of Last of the Summer Wine. These are great ways to spend Wednesday night in September.

Always worth taking away a some haircut styling tips from Kirk Brandon so this last photo is one I can show to the hairdresser next visit….

Can you just do the back like this please? Kirk – legendary hair cuts

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