Venue: The Engine Rooms, Southampton

Last updated 23.10.2021

Venue details from my experience of these recent gigs (with links to those blogs):

Altered Images (Mar 2022)

Acoustic Britpop (Oct 2021)

China Crisis (Sep 2019)

This venue is in an even less likely location than Southampton’s 1865 and looks even more like a light industrial unit – this one on the inside as well – ventilation pipes and all – it is an industrial unit. It is Unit K on the Quay Road Industrial Estate, just beyond IKEA down towards the docks in a street off to the right. A 0.7 mile walk from Southampton Central train station through the retail park or if driving you can park at the now closed cinema complex, next to the casino visible on the main road.

There is the bar in TGI Fridays just up the road in the retail park and the bar of the Moxy Hotel is 0.3 miles away just over the main road and next to the southern entrance to West Quay shopping centre – not really pre-gig pub substitutes. The Quays South car park does give the Moxy Hotel bar option and similar walk as from the cinema car park.

Wetherspoons (The Standing Order) down the bottom of town is a bit more of a walk away weaving through the old town walls (0.5 miles).

The venue holds between 400 and 800 people (says the website) and there is a divider curtain that can make the bar area bigger or gig area bigger to suit. With a band on I would think 600 max with the stage up.

Nigel Clarke solo 23.10.2021

The drinks stocks can be variable obviously but there no draught pumps Рall cans and bottles. The latest visit found Old Speckled Hen in bottles as the only ale with various cans of cider and lager. No red or white wine, just ros̩ available which must be a temporary blip.

A packed Charlatans gig here in February 2016 opened my eyes to the place – how they landed that one I don’t know. They get some good medium popularity acts and older well known acts. I’d heard the sound wasn’t that good but this seems to depend where you stand – I’ve been several times now (China Crisis, Undertones, Ride, Nick Lowe, Sleeper, Graham Parker). I don’t think standing next to a side wall is a good idea and, as usual, hanging around the mixing desk area is a good bet.

The stage is quite low and some neck straining to see sometimes but it goes with the small venue experience and this place is bringing the bands to Southampton.

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