The Skids at 1865 Southampton 16.7.2022 with The Postmen supporting

After trips to see The Skids all over in recent years – Belfast, Dunfermline, Minehead, Glasgow, London – it’s good to have a more local gig.

The 1865 is improving with each visit and holds more appeal for me as I get to know it. Great beer choices, good viewing options. Last visit was for China Crisis but there’s more background in my Spear of Destiny blog a few years ago.

Looking to the back of the venue with raised bar area to the rear

The main change from then is the removal of the odd indoor fake tiled roof down one side. The unusual but handy raised rear level where the main bar is, remains. Tonight it’s busy without being rammed: we can pick our way through the high tables and chairs to get to a space nearer the front. The right hand pillars are a good leaning option or route to a stage side view if it’s busy.

The Postmen are a lively and very watchable support. Southampton based but the frontman is a scouser – there’s humour in the songs and banter. A bit of Boris baiting – with masks – amid the jangly indie rock sounds. They went down well, finishing with a Depeche Mode cover, which didn’t fit that obviously with the rest of the set.

The Postmen – The 1865

I bumped into the singer of The Postman at the recent China Crisis gig here. I was hanging around the merch stand chatting to him and mentioned I’d just seen The Skids and he said “if your coming to see them here we’re supporting”. Well I made it.

Skids time. Not much hanging about.

The Skids in Southampton

The place was pretty hot and sweaty. It had been quite a scorcher that day. A great set that was quite compact. Their Clash Complete Control cover is tops and they threw in a bit of Pistols Pretty Vacant after the TV Stars‘ Albert Tatlock chant..and more Boris baiting.

1865 setlist
Jobson at The 1865

Jobson introduced The Saints are Coming, noting the U2 success with it, but no acknowledgement of the fact it is a Southampton FC song round here – maybe it didn’t click. What a rousing version and crowd reaction. Perfect place to play that one.

So happy to be with you – Jobson

I’m starting to wonder how long the Skids revival will continue. The band continues to change, with another new drummer to add to the replacement of Bill Simpson on bass. The Big Country boys – Bruce and Jamie – continue to give the band that Stuart Adamson guitar sound. And now Gil Allen on bass is also playing with Big Country and The Skids.

Bruce Watson – guitar
Jobson and Gil Allen on bass

Yes it was another great night out with The Skids. It helped it being a sunny Saturday.


As we filed out to the fresh air Jobbo was by the door to see us all out. An obligatory pic, with wife Sally, my old mate Andy and a grey-haired gig goer.

Goodnight from Jobbo

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