Deep Purple – live in Birmingham

My gig going tonight strays into the traditional heavy rock scene – never thought when I was a dismissive punk influenced youth that one day I would be at a Deep Purple gig, lapping up Smoke on the Water along with the hairies.

The Lemonheads live – Southampton

Evan Dando returns to the UK with the latest incarnation of The Lemonheads. A grey-haired gig goer gets a chance to see the 90s long-haired grungy rocker, 30 years after the first time and it is a massive disappointment.

The Killers, Marr and more – live in Nashville, Tennessee

A trip to Nashville – music city – with a chance to see The Killers. A chance wasted.

The Taylor Hawkins tribute concert: Wembley

A remarkable day and a unique experience at Wembley Stadium to celebrate and remember the life of Taylor Hawkins, the late Foo Fighters’ drummer.