KILLING JOKE + Radical Dance Faction at Subterania, Ladbroke Grove 10.8.19

A more intimate gig for Killing Joke, if Killing Joke can be intimate, in the club under The Westway which holds less than 500 I’d say.

No wonder this one sold out so quickly. Apparently they used to come down here when they were youths, when it was Ackland Halls. Indeed they played here in 1980.

Chaos at the bars with cash only and then till fault as the temperature cranked up. A real steamy joint.

Settled for edge of a potential mosh pit. Views from balcony surrounding stage must be good if you get to the rail.

Radical Dance Faction to start. Reggae sounds. Hints of Clash about it.

Killing Joke confined by quite a small stage area with Paul drumming low down behind. Didn’t stop Jaz from his animated air grasping theatricals.

Set was unpredictable with The Wait, Eighties, Wardance and Psyche being my high spots.

I have honestly never been so hot at a gig. My thin shirt was drenched. Jaz required ice pack treatment – maybe another ailment, I’m not sure.

A great opportunity to catch them at this small gig. They clearly enjoyed this nostalgic return and so did I. Youth took his own phone pics before they disappeared.

Afterwards there was an impromptu mass photo with a large group of us reluctant to leave. I assume this is one of those venues where they get the band out of the way and the old rockers out before round two starts as a club.

Our remaining group of three ambled off in a fruitless search for a late night curry.

The Castle was a decent pre-gig pint venue. Walking up from Portobello Road seems the best idea. Plenty of places to eat early on. Shutters down by 11pm mind.

Subterania: Killing Joke
Jaz Coleman
Killing Joke: music to march to………………the wardance

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Still wild about live music - bands - gigs - festivals - after 42 years at it. All photos have been snapped by me or I will point out otherwise - I'll even own up to any blurry mobile phone ones. If gigaholic is a phrase then in recent years I think I've become one.

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  1. Possibly the smallest venue I’ve ever seen KJ AND certainly the hottest gig (like watching in a Turkish bath).
    Loved the novelty tho. Play list was less popular than normal. A lot more raw tracks.
    Psyche, TheWait, wardance & European Super State best for me.
    Jazz was in one of his “this may be the last …”, “how did we make it this far?” moods. Remember the trip to Iceland & absence from TOTP for Empire Song?
    Youth was happy & prominent. Loved his selfie shots of the crowd after.
    Couldn’t even see Big Paul. Just the top of his head.
    Geordie got a bit miffed at one point. No idea why. He was in amongst us for the support band.
    & I’m sure the sound bloke turned down Jaz’ vocals during European Super State. Remainers get everywhere. Jaz asked “are you looking forward to Oct 31?”. We were in west London ….

    As usual, can’t wait for the next time.


  2. Liking it Ives…keep them coming I remember those early gigs as a teen when the places were sooooo hot and you came out dripping . Probably as they crammed too many people in a small space and lack of ventilation. the good old days!


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