Poole Lighthouse 2.10.19

On Wednesday evening I returned to Poole Lighthouse for another ‘Live and Unheard’ session in the Sherling Studio. Three local acts given a showcase in surroundings where everyone can focus on the music and the artists, rather than accommodating the distractions of a rowdy pub gig – not quite everyone respects that of course – and free of pressure for crowd pleasing covers.

These evenings are presented by Matt Black. What a great idea. This one is a sell out – the studio seats about 100 – and my partner put us on the reserve list and we got the call 30 mins before the start.

Matt Black introduces….

I did wonder about recording this evening in my blog. I don’t hold myself out as a music critic – there are plenty of places out there doing that. I don’t see it is for me to criticise artists, all of whom I have huge respect for just for getting up and playing, never mind writing their own stuff. These are not big name acts. But this blog is about the experiences of ‘a grey haired gig goer‘ and having seen another hat-trick of acts, making a note and posting some pics is irresistible, for myself if no one else.

Tonight we were introduced to ‘TOBIAS IN FLIGHT’, ‘HENGISTBURY’ and ‘DD ALLEN’.

Tobias in Flight

“27 years playing guitar”, TOBIAS IN FLIGHT played solo but referred to playing with a band as well. Original songs reminiscent of Radiohead’s high pitches.

Tobias in Flight

More Tobias in info:



Pete and Jessie: Hengistbury

A country duo, that are much more than just that. What appealed to me was that this was a genuine duo with shifts between the two of them rather than the country singer with a bloke in tow thing.

Pete, with a voice like Passenger at times, got the banjo out along with a sit down guitar (a lap steel as referred to in their link below).


They are described on their website as ‘charmingly country’. They were.

D D Allen

In the Sherling Studio at Poole Lighthouse

What a find and thanks Matt Black for getting DD ALLEN to top tonight’s bill.

More on DD: https://ddallen.com/bio

Great rock’n’roll songs, including a few solo ones. This lot and this guy should be out there on tour with some big bands. I can see it working.


Really obviously impressive bass and lead guitarists. All of the band are talented, with DD Allen himself at the heart of it. I cannot see how this lot can’t go on and on to bigger things – he/they have already played some smaller festivals and recorded with some known producers.

Another successful ‘Live and Unheard’ at Poole Lighthouse.

DD Allen’s Spotify link:


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