Poole Lighthouse 14.2.20

Old New Romantics gather on Valentine’s Day in Poole. Some friends down and up this evening who are more the Ultravox/ Midge long-term faithful than me (AMu, SLa, APi and DPi): even t-shirts being sported. I could feel under dressed.

I have no long Ultravox or Midge Ure history. These were every bit sounds of my 80s, but I didn’t buy stuff, just heard it. Hence I’m a bit ‘greatest hits’ on this… certainly the Vienna album, being focused on tonight, is park of the life soundtrack of many 50 somethings, including me.

I first saw Midge Ure live only in quite recent years at a Newton Abbott Racecourse 80s gig (2.8.16) and Basingstoke Anvil (12.3.16) for a multi-band 80s tour – how rock ‘n’ roll are those venues eh😎?

Midge Ure: Running in the 4.20 at Newton Abbott – August 2018
Midge Ure in the final straight- Newton Abbott Racecourse, Aug 2018

This is more a proper gig with Midge’s band – keyboards and violin one side of the drummer, keyboards and guitar the other, with a smart and trim Midge roaming below in front of them, alternating from keyboards to guitar – full sound. A relatively big venue on this tour (1500 all seated) and really good to see the Lighthouse full and rocking. We don’t get many like this.

Poole Lighthouse is a multifaceted arts centre and the live band market is not a very significant part of their offer…but it is tonight! Don’t look a gift gig you can walk to in the mouth.

Midge Ure – Concert Hall, Poole Lighthouse 14.2.20

Back in the noughties I saw Paul Weller here, and Doves, from the famously bouncy sprung floor. Since moving to Poole about eight years ago, although I’ve enjoyed plenty of other events at The Lighthouse but the only gigs for established artists I’ve been attracted in for have been Paul Young, Marc Almond, Simple Minds and Glenn Tilbrook…the lighter end of it all and all seated (Tilbrook being in the smaller Theatre). The Live and Unheard sessions are a great idea though and welcome recent addition. These have been taking place in The Studio.

Live and Unheard blog: https://gigswithivan.home.blog/2019/09/05/live-and-unheard-poole/

Tonight’s Gig

Dublin electronic threesome Tiny Magnetic Pets are the support tonight – short lively set – with some strong keyboard sounds and other assets.

Tiny Magnetic Pets – support

The tour is billed as ‘The 1980 Tour – Vienna and Visage’. I didn’t pick up on that before hand which meant I was wildly impressed with my mate Andy’s song ‘predictions’ as the set progressed….the penny dropped eventually 🙄.

Smart and trim – Midge Ure

Some Visage numbers early on and a nod of respect to the late Steve Strange as ‘Fade to Grey’ got people up. Great song that echoes the early 80s so well.

‘Fade to Grey’. The vintage Visage video of the 80s: https://youtu.be/UMPC8QJF6sI

‘In the year 2525′, a Zega and Evans’ song appeared early on – I’m still impressed with the details emerging from my friend next to me – can I get him to a pop quiz before he goes home?

Visage: ‘In the Year 2525’ https://youtu.be/-GKX4iK1QPc

‘Sleepwalk’ (opening album track – but just a pleasant surprise to me at this point) moves us into the ‘Vienna’ section. Pockets of standing and (dad) dancing emerge again – usual disgruntlement for those glad of their seat. Never perfect but it works itself out. Best off with plenty of standing room at the front.

‘Mr X’ was notable and more heavily electronic and ‘All Stood Still’ was the last belter from ‘Vienna’.

Midge introduced B-side ‘Passionate reply’ as a song chosen by fans to hear on the tour. Then perhaps the best one: ‘Dancing with Tears in My Eyes’ with the classic Midge grimace as he holds the notes and pulls his head back from the mic to let the vocal tail off.

Midge Ure
Dancing, with tears in his eyes

To finish, ‘The Voice’ and ‘The Hymn’. Great stuff . Who says New Romanticism is dead eh? We hide in the Lighthouse bar – now easy to get served and sit and linger a while avoiding the storm outside, though merely delaying our soaking as Storm Dennis approaches.

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