The K’s at The Joiners, Southampton 27 January 2022 + The Radar

A late decision for me to drive over to Southampton and catch the start of The K’s eight date tour, much of which falls in Independent Venue Week. And what a fine example of a classic independent venue to start in.

I’m here in time to catch most of local indie rock band The Radar, one of two support bands tonight – some guitar work sees them up the rock end more than the indie – an almost retro rock sound at times for a new young band.

The Radar – one of two support acts – I missed the first

A Thursday night in the bowels of Winter and it’s busy busy busy: even the bar is pretty full and you can’t see the bands from there. Another Covid milestone is reached today as the ‘Plan B’ restrictions were lifted yesterday – I forgot my mask anyway. I could feel an essence of personal celebration even if it seems a bit premature. ‘Do it while you can’ is my thought: I doubt we are out of these weird and scary woods yet.

This my third visit to Joiners in four months – I’d only been once ever before that – and more observations on this cracking micro-venue can be found in my blogs for Fatherson and Spear of Destiny .

The K’s – yes The K’s not The Ks – The Joiners Southampton

The K’s are an unsigned four piece band from Earlestown, Merseyside – between Manchester and Liverpool. No albums but a smattering of singles can be found on Spotify and YouTube. How am I here? Two years ago they were one of the support bands for The Rifles at a Roundhouse gig and one song in particular leapt out. Have a listen: Sarajevo . A belter.

They played at The Madding Crowd in Bournemouth a few months back but I was elsewhere. I was chatting to a bloke at the bar in the Madding Crowd last week and he mentioned this Joiners gig was on – I was grateful as it had passed me by. I need a gig secretary I think to keep an eye on everything.

As The K’s get on the stage and finish putting their gear together a lively bunch at the front start the ‘up the K’s – up the f’ing K’s’ chanting. When the band are ready there’s some obvious pent up excitement. The accents in the chanting suggests some followers have travelled down from the North West… but could be students down here I guess – halls up the road.

It’s a fast and punchy start. Tight and aggressive power pop that any Jam fan would get the kick from.

Lead singer Jamie Boyle plays guitar as well, switching to acoustic ocassionally. Ryan Breslin (to the left on stage – classic mod striped jacket) plays lead guitar and he’s got some pedigree with K’s website noting his previous session musician roles with bands including The Who and The Killers. On bass is Dexter Baker with Jordan Holden on drums.

The K’s at The Joiners

The 200 capacity venue is a perfect size for the mobile audience. Hard to believe Wolf Alice played here recently as a special. I’m not sure I would have survived long down the front tonight so perhaps best I was a late entry.

The first song I know is Glass Towns another single on Spotify. Spotify has it’s value, even if the royalty model is a national – international – disgrace. Surely some market intervention is needed before the UK loses its special relationship with live bands and decent music.

The fast and more familar songs get more rigorous activity going – some shoulders mounted – pretty impressive reaction on a Thursday night in January for an unsigned band.

Quiet Thursday night out at Joiners

Front man Jamie appreciates the reaction and the fact people have come out. They’ve had a month off and given the recent restrictions they are bounding with energy. He has to slow it down a bit, he says clutching his chest, with Valley One with a bit of acoustic guitar.

Jamie Boyle – The K’s frontman

The penultimate song is their anthem Sarajevo (snippet from my phone). I love it. The guitars get a finger ripping thrashing. Hard to imagine they could play a gig without this song but I still had that sense of anticipation. It’s what got me here instead of sat in watching The Apprentice 🙄

They finish with ‘a new one’…didn’t catch a title.

Well worth a trip over. Ten quid to get in. A nice pint of Roadie on tap. I wander up the street to go home – two fellow ‘grey haired gig goers’ in front – well one no haired – and I heard them reflecting happily: “three bands tonight and then four tommorrow. Seven bands in two days. Not bad eh”. Not bad at all gents. Goodnight. Keep rocking.

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