Red Rum Club at The Madding Crowd, Bournemouth on 21 January 2022 + Ed Cosens

It was just three months ago that I went to see Liverpool’s Red Rum Club live for the first time, blogged here at Exeter’s Cavern. I was surprised to see they were out on tour again so soon after and pleased to see that The Madding Crowd, Bournemouth had them booked in.

With some National Lottery funding to help revive the live music scene emerge from the hard times of Covid Lockdowns, the tickets were 2 for 1: £16 a pair. Irresistible.

My first visit to The Madding Crowd out of the seated only gigs. Interesting to see it in a busier new light after previous visits to see Matt Cardle – gigs were hard to come by – The Hoosiers and Toploader .

It’s a 300 capacity and there’s about 100 in by the time the bands are on. We are early enough to grab a table and stools to the back but central of this side on to the stage set up. Good spot – the venue is only about 25 metres deep. Stand when you want – sit when you don’t. Beer table. Sorted. I like this place. Decent ale.

First it’s singer songwriter Ed Cosens, from Sheffield, with his guitar. More crowd noise and the chatter of arriving punters than the Lockdown sit down affairs so it was hard to appreciate.

Red Rum Club‘s new album is now out: How to Steal the World (I pre-ordered a signed CD after the Exeter gig). This is their third studio album, with an acoustic Lockdown extra The Hollow Sesssions also available. These two are what I’ve mainly been listening  to in recent weeks. Favourite new album tracks? Nightcalling and Love me Like you Want to be Loved so it’s good to hear those.

Red Rum Club – The Madding Crowd

The trumpet is rampant again tonight….. charging in just when I’m wondering where it is. It gives them their unique sound.

It’s a more expansive stage than when I last saw them last so a good view of the band. Good sound and great set. There isn’t much to add to my last RRC blog – once again a fab night out and I’d go and see them again anytime soon. There’s some idle beer talk of driving down to Plymouth for the next gig on the tour which doesn’t come to fruition.

I forgot my pocket camera this evening so just a few phone snaps as a marker of my attendance. I just let the performance wash over me, beers flowing. A thoroughly enjoyable Friday night out, with some hopes of normality. returning.

The big song near the end was Angeline but my pick is still Kids Addicted. Hope to see them again soon. If the lottery numbers come up I’ll be looking to head to Chicago to see them support the also excellent Lathums on 6 March. Could this break them I wonder?

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Still wild about live music - bands - gigs - festivals - after 42 years at it. All photos have been snapped by me or I will point out otherwise - I'll even own up to any blurry mobile phone ones. If gigaholic is a phrase then in recent years I think I've become one.

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