Victorious Festival 26 27 28 August 2022 at Southsea Common, Portsmouth UK: Day 3

Last day at Victorious (Friday and Saturday links to my previous blogs). My last of three festivals this Summer. I took it steady today. I watched five bands and spent a long time just sitting, chatting, listening at a distance and having a few beers.

I watched a couple of acts, The Libertines and Sam Ryder (pure curiousity) from the platform in the premium area mainly and could see them from the comfort of a settee with my dodgy leg elevated. I think that counts as ‘seeing’ them…. as opposed to just listening which I did for Metronomy and Amy MacDonald, who sounded pretty good. I didn’t count those ones in my 17 acts ‘seen’ this weekend. You’ve got to have some ground rules for your gig-going eh.

Sunday lunch with The Libertines
The Libertines – Common Stage

I thought The Libertines were surprisingly downbeat, having seen them on tour in the last year and enjoyed the guitary chaos of that. I suppose even the ‘afternoon special guest’ tag can’t overcome a Sunday lunchtime set.

The Reytons are the band I hadn’t seen that I wanted to see most this festival, having bought their first album, Kids Off the Estate, after initial recommendation from an old colleague from Coventry (Tony the Toucan).

I was up and down near the front for this lot, over on the fence near the mixing desk again. I had a wander front left later.

Reytons – Common Stage
Jonny Yerrell – The Reytons

They’re from Rotherham: name coming from the Yorkshire phrase ‘right ones’. Indie rock – real life observational lyrics. They’ve been going since 2017, so they’ve had time to develop a brash stage confidence with a having good time feel. They’re enjoying themselves in the sunshine in their all-white gear.

‘The kids off the estate’

Pick of the around ten song set: album title track Kids Off The Estate; Slice of Lime and Low Life, caputured here on my YouTube channel. ‘Reet good that eh’.

After that excitement I retreated for a beer and a crêpe, in the tent in the oasis of calm that was the premium area.

EuroSam Ryder fever

When Eurovision sensation Sam Ryder appeared, I popped my head out on to the platform. It was absolutely heaving out there. A whole new crowd appeared to see the Euroman. There were about 100 people on the stage with the Portsmouth drumming group boosting the numbers and the sound. Six songs then Spaceman – well that was worth a listen I suppose. He does have a great voice but I watched the arm waving throng with suspiscion and stayed out of the way.

Sam Ryder – Spaceman

After distant listens, I reappeared to watch Editors. I’ve liked their sound and vocals over the years when I’ve bumped into them, although I’ve not really ever gone looking for them. Yeah, they were worth the watch again.


I was waiting for Suede. Right up there in my list of favourite bands. I saw them on their first big tour at Birmingham Hummingbird, bought the records, read the books but have seen them at surprisingly large intervals considering.

Suede – Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson was right at it like it’s his first gig. Some wonderful mic swinging that Roger Daltrey would have been proud of. What an trim athlete he is, leaping off things as he attacks the songs. His mic cable stopped a full-on stage leap but he clambered down, at one point swearing and gesturing at a photographer who had outstayed his time limit.

Brett Anderson – Suede on main stage

It is a stunning set: Trash, Animal Nitrate, Pantomime Horse, We Are The Pigs….ending with The Beautiful Ones.

I decided to leave on a high and went to find some chips and curry sauce to round off my 2022 Victorious Festival. I have seen Sam Fender twice and I listened as I exited down the seafront with my chips.

Got the t-shirt

17 bands in all – a mere fraction if what was on offer but my individual musical path. Maybe I should amend my t-shirt.

My Victorious

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  1. Suede were the highlight of the whole weekend for me. Not just the strength of the songs, either; Brett Anderson was a surprisingly good front man who really got the crowd doing. At the end, I ducked both main stages and saw Little Boots and the estimable Turin Brakes at the acoustic stage. A bit of a conservative move, but I had seen and loved them before and this was seeing them properly close up. Although we contrived not to bump into each other all weekend, I’m there in your photo of the Libertines in the green cap to centre right. What most struck me about them is how Pete Doherty has turned into a tubby, grey-haired, middle-aged bloke, where Carl Barat is still youthful and toned, as well as a much better guitarist. A la prochaine…!


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