The Skids at 100 Club, Oxford Street, London on 17.3.2023

St. Patrick’s Day in the capital and a chance, while up here for a few gigs, to catch one of my favourite bands, The Skids, at the iconic 100 Club. Back in the day, they never played here (Richard Jobson mentions later) and I didn’t get here either. I’ve been catching up a bit since.

This is my eighth Skids gig since they reformed for the Burning Cities album in 2018. Not a lot more I can add to my previous blogs below but I will mark the evening with a few notes.

Skids live in Islington blog

Pilgrimage to Dunfermline blog

I met up with a few old mates in The Champion pub beforehand – Big Gra and Dave (DSy). My pre-100 Club pub of choice. Lovely Windows. Sam Smiths’ boozer and a tasty stout.

The beer and chat kept us in the pub – seats for our ageing limbs irresistible – and we skip support band Voodoo Radio. About 8.45pm we stroll round to the 100 Club and guitarist Jamie Watson was outside having a vape break before going on stage. Had a chat and pic, with the classic but easily missable 100 Club sign behind us.

Wife Sally, Big Gra, Jamie Watson and a Grey-Haired Gig Goer

This is the first of two sell-out gigs here for The Skids, marking their 45th anniversary, one for frontman Richard Jobson to own as the original member.

Inside, and down the stairs into this famous basement, we go round to the far left and take a fairly unobstructed side-on view. This has the advantages of easy bar access, a more relaxed experience and some in front are seated at tables so no view blocking. I wandered around the front for a few snaps later.

Skids play The 100 Club

The Skids are very much morphed with Big Country these days with both bands sharing three members on the guitars. I had to check out the drummer position at the moment – it’s Nick Hernandez. Since The Skids reformed in 2018 the original drummer Mike Baillie and bassist Bill Simpson have gone.

Jamie Watson – guitar
Bruce Watson and Jobbo

Charade to start the set of familiar faves. Nothing from Burning Cities. There is one new song tonight, the single Destination Düsseldorf and I am looking forward to that new album later in the year (June). It’s got a typically Skids chorus to singalong to.

Jobbo in full flight

The Saints Are Coming is a great song. Jobson reminds us that despite being covered by U2 and Green Day it made him nothing – essentially used as a charity record.


Out of Town was a particularly good one to hear, amongst the other singles packed into the set like Working for the Yankee Dollar, Into the Valley (YouTube clip 100 Club), Woman in Winter, Masquerade, Circus Games….so many. Another boisterous Skids gig is being enjoyed by those in this historic venue tonight. You can’t beat Friday nights out like this.

Skids – 100 Club – St Patrick’s Day

Great setlist. There is even the great blemish of TV Stars and the chants of Albert Tatlock, added to these days with “Boris Johnson, what a w*nk*r”. Then to end the storming version of The Clash’s Complete Control, as appears on the 2021 album Songs From a Haunted Ballroom – The Skids supported the Clash right back at the start of all this.

A Skids gig always delivers and we can all wander off happy. I’ll be seeing them again soon I hope… not tomorrow for the second 100 Club night though.

On the way out I spot Spizz and he can’t resist a pic 😄 never mind me eh. (Spizz will be up at Rebellion Festival in August again this year, as will Big Country.)

Spizz the legend of all bands Spizz

(Plenty of clips on YouTube from the night. Thanks Willy Billiams for yours.)

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