London Roundhouse 26.10.19

The Rifles at The Roundhouse

At the end of last week I had already planned to be up in London for a few days off and added another to include The Rifles’ Roundhouse gig, marking the 10 year anniversary of their Great Escape album.

So nearly a disaster. After two days of laying about in a rented flat in Tufnell Park resting a dodgy ankle, I hobbled off with a crutch and my partner, on a foul night, to find a 393 bus to make the two mile journey to The Roundhouse at Chalk Farm.

Made it to the sanctuary of the handy Muang Thai restaurant nearly opposite the venue. As prompt, tasty and as good value as last time.

Got in to the venue shortly after the doors opening at 7pm. Not many about but I did notice that both The Enterprise Bar and Joe’s Bar opposite were pretty full early on as we passed, slowly – a lot of the audience were clearly in no desperate need to see the support bands. I had access to the Roundhouse members’ bar so was set on a seat at the front of that balcony bar to save my dodgy ankle. A relief to get there and secure seats – most grateful for that, and the lift up the two floors to it.

The side view is a bit different but it allowed me to enjoy what would otherwise have been a physical ordeal. (If a regular Roundhouse visitor there are various membership options available on the website to help support this active centre for various arts.)

I’d had a brief listen to tonight’s support bands during the week before – The K’s and The Moons – but they were basically new to me.

The K’s

Not a lot of people were inside and ready when the K’s kicked off: in fact it was suggested by frontman, Jamie Boyle, that it was touch and go if the band were going to get there in time for their slot after a six hour drive…but they did and launched themselves loudly, maybe too loudly in comparison to the other bands tonight.

Jamie Boyle – The K’s

All of of tonight’s bands have an essence of Weller, the Jam and varying degrees of Mod-ness. This is the punchier end. The K’s sound great and listening to some of their stuff since the gig, they are a band I would go and see again.

They have been going since 2017 and the standout numbers for me are Glass Towns – they are from Earlestown, St Helen’s area, between Liverpool and Manchester – and Sarajevo.

Have a listen to the excellent Sarajevo on You Tube:

The K’s – view from balcony members’ bar

(I do wonder if the  apostrophe that appears everywhere, nearly, in their name may end up going the same way as the one that lost its place in The B52s.)

The Moons

Less urgent and more psychedelic were The Moons. They have supported Ocean Colour Scene at The Albert Hall and the whiff of Weller and The Kinks is evident, making another good choice as support tonight.

The Moons

The Rifles

The place is pretty packed – not sold out – but packed inside the Roundhouse inner pillars, with a vocal and mobile audience. The gig is being recorded for the band’s first live album.

The Rifles are on – the crowd is in

I first saw The Rifles (from Chingford, North East London) several years ago at The Brook in Southampton and really enjoyed it. I wanted to come tonight, not just because the Great Escape is a top album to celebrate, but I was a bit disappointed with the short 30 minute set at Victorious Festival in August – just too little and too early on for a band like The Rifles I thought.

Photo opportunities from the balcony side bar are not best so just a few to mark my attendance. I loved the performance and the night, including all three bands. The General, Science of Violence and the title track, The Great Escape, are my favourite ones tonight live from that featured album, as they are on the album. Still it’s Local Boy that wins again for me, from the No Love Lost album.

The Rifles
Joel Stoker – The Rifles

A special night and one that will appear as a live album for The Rifles. I hobble out and get a lift back to Tufnell Park.

Lastly I’ll leave this classic clip below from You Tube – a bit different – Rifles’ main man Stoker taking trip down memory lane…well Green Street actually. Up the Hammers!

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