My Rock’n’Roll Easter 2022

A live gig bonanza of eight gigs in ten days travelling to four cities in three countries.

‘No Tears, Party Time is Here Again’: Psychedelic Furs with The Wendy James Band

The last night of The Psychedelic Furs UK tour at London’s Roundhouse. An evening that started with a look at The Wendy James Band soundcheck and ended in the bar after the show with the bands, happy for a few pics as cherished mementos of a top night.

The Sisters of Mercy: out of the darkness

London Roundhouse 20.9.19 Fighting Cocks 1983 One night in January 1983 (I looked it up – it was 21 January), I wandered into the Fighting Cocks pub in Moseley, Birmingham to see the Sisters of Mercy, the princes of 80s darkness. They played from within clouds of dry ice in the pub’s upstairs gig room. …